• Living an Authentic Aligned Creative Life

    Eventually.... you have to breathe.

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    Introducing...the collaboration of Chef Willi Nordby and Cindy Goldfield, Goldfield Creative Events


  • Who is Cindy Goldfield?

    I am a multi-passionate artist and businesswoman who has spent my life in pursuit of authentic expression in many ways.


    A professional award-winning actor and director, I have over 25 years experience in Event Concept Design, Production and Management. In alignment with my work with actors and singers, I offer Performance Coaching services for performers, entrepreneurs and media presenters.


    I lead Empowered Sexuality for Teens workshops and retreats, offering unbiased, nonjudgmental sexuality information to the young people I work with, as well as offering Empowered Sexuality retreats, personal and group coaching for women of pre- and post-menopause age. I also offer one-on-one and group Authenticity Coaching for those who are searching to get closer to living an authentic, aligned, creative life.


    I am a mother of two teen-age boys, an occasional caterer/baker and a lover of walking barefoot on the beach in all weathers. I believe that anything is possible and in the power of a really great kiss.

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    Living an Authentic, Aligned, Creative Life

    Small-town girl who has lived in the city for 30 years. Still cherish my small-town roots and work to create a home and community that feels small-town and intimate and welcoming. Feminist. Mother. Working for the good of humans and animals and the planet. Committed to equality, gender-equity, trans-rights, child-led learning and empowerment. Believer in good laughs, daily meditation, intuition and earth-based spirituality.

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    Actor/Theatre Artist

    Actor. Director. Choreographer. Costumes/Wigs/Make-Up/Props

    An award-winning director and actor, I have worked with many Bay Area Regional theaters including: American Conservatory Theater (ACT), Center Rep, San Jose Rep, Marin Theatre Co., Playground, Broadway by the Bay, SF Playhouse, Cubit, Oasis, Back It Up Productions and 42nd Street Moon. NYC credits include Project:Lohan and Mr. Irresistible at LaMaMa ETC (D'Arcy Drollinger/Back It Up).


    I also work extensively in voice-over and in cabaret, most often with the inimitable Scrumbly Koldewyn (Goldfield & Koldewyn), and David Aaron Brown (One Night Stand/Going Back for Seconds).


    In addition to my work directing/choreographing and acting, I have also worked professionally doing props, costumes, hair/wigs and make-up. An all-around theatre artist!

  • Offerings

    Producer. Director. Creative Cultivator. Performance, Speech and Authenticity Coach.

    Empowered Sexuality Champion. Problem-solver.


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    Goldfield Creative Events

    Event Concept Design, Production and Management for Corporate and Social Events of all sizes

    Custom rituals, celebrations and events tailored to you (and your company's) values and life-circumstances. Corporate events with style, heart and story-telling/guest centered experience. From small family-style events to large-scale corporate awards shows, parade contingents, meetings and celebrations.


    Services include (but are not limited to) brainstorming concept design, script writing, coordination and management of vendors, event spaces and staff, casting, costuming and hiring/payroll for performers, floral and catering consultation, intimate catering and custom baking.


    Corporate Client list:

    Gap, Inc., Banana Republic, Old Navy, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Xilinx, Java One, Telco, Network Associates, Genentech, Siebel, Dreyers, Bay Networks,Williams-Sonoma, Cadence, PeopleSoft, Larkin Street, Washington Mutual. Susan Hurford and Co., Robert Fountain Designs, InVision Communications, Hilton Garden Inns/Larkspur Hospitalities, Bill Graham Presents/Clear Channel, AT&T, AllStar Game, Maritz, California Pacific Medical Centers, Sutter Hospitals, Equinox Gyms, San Francisco Zoo.

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    Performance Coaching

    For Social Media Presenters, Entrepreneurs and Public Speakers

    Often times it takes a glass of wine for adults to “wax loquacious” when what we’re after is the ease in communication that a little kid has when he’s pretending to be a pirate. The commitment to telling the story so deeply that all sense of self-confidence flows naturally.


    Many analysts rank public speaking as one of the highest human fear yet, in our current world we need to do it over and over and over again. Our businesses depend upon it. Without comfort in public speaking, we come off stilted, awkward and ultimately untrustworthy. Let's break through that veneer of awkwardness and find natural ease and confidence through games and exercises designed to bring us back to child-like ease, with a sense of open-minded curiosity and vulnerability.

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    Empowered Sexuality for Teens

    Empowered Information for Teenagers of all Genders

    Today's teens must navigate a difficult world of sexual politics, marked by complicated and contradictory expectations from society, their families. their school and neighborhood cultures, and even from themselves. Hook-up culture, social media, early (and easy) exposure to pornography and violence in media all contribute to an environment which supposes that kids know a lot more than they do and the expectation that they comport themselves with confidence, caution and self-protection. Add to this the assumption that feminism and equality should mean that relationships and sexual expression should be balanced and satisfying, despite the prevailing societal taboo against female desire. Kids today are far more likely to experience cyber-bullying, sexual assault, sexting and shame, than to feel safe, confident and able to express their sexuality in an intentional, safe way.


    In my workshops and retreats, we approach anatomy/physiology, consent, power dynamics, feminism (what it is and what it isn’t), gender exploration, resources, decision-making, cultivating self-worth and self-care practices. All workshops are intended to include all genders, and expressions. Sessions are held in safe, inclusive spaces where participants are encouraged to ask questions, listen and offer their own views.


    Also offered: Empowered Sexuality for Teens- The Parent side- a Three Hour Workshop for Parents of Teens

    Letting go, offering love and acceptance, resources, power struggles, gender exploration, decision-making, consent practice.

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    Empowered Sexuality for Pre- and Post-Menopausal Womxn (female identifying)

    Empowered Information for those who may not have an safe outlet for discussion

    Women "of a certain age" often have grown up without complete knowledge of their own physiology and how aging effects our sexuality. Many women do not have a place where they feel safe and held to discuss their questions, concerns, desires and challenges. Small group sessions, retreats, Full Moon circles and Sexuality Information Lunches allow a space to share and get your questions answered, concerns aired and feel the support of women who are also searching for answers and support. My goal is to create inclusive, non-judgement spaces where women can bloom and thrive and feel entitled to claim their sexuality. Pleasure is our birthright and aging should allow us to delve even deeper into our desires and sensuality... whatever that means to the individual.

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    Authenticity Coaching

    Cultivating an Authentic, Aligned, Creative Life

    What does Authentic Aligned Creative Life look like to you? To me, it's creating a life that is true to my values, the culture and environment that I want to create, my aspirations of work and creative expression, and creating a life that is good for the planet, my body, heart and soul.


    Authenticity Coaching is tailored to each individual client. For some of this may mean cultivating rituals and practices around coming home to yourself. Personal Values Exploration, Ritual Cultivation, Sacred Bathing Practices and self-care definition and expression, Moon circles, guided journaling, guided meditations, and other personalized coaching techniques.

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    Here’s the thing. Some of us are managing to make art, create funny videos to keep ourselves and our friends and families amused and hopeful, eat well, get more exercise, clean out our closets and kitchen junk drawers, launch new programs, write the great American novel, improve ourselves, and...
    When I was in college, my best friend and I had a theory. We decided that girls are divided into two groups: Horse Girls and Barbie Girls. As an amusing but not-completely-false theory, it made sense to us. Horse Girls were kids who grew up outdoorsy and with a lot of responsibility and freedom...
    Great interview with Vicci Smith (SHE-Radio) at KKUP. She was interviewing me about my latest directing project, ONCE which was opening that night. But we got to talking about my work with Empowered Sexuality for Teens and Womxn, and we just kept talking for about 45 minutes! The interview...