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    May 2024

    tick, tick...BOOM!

    Book, Music and Lyrics by Jonathan Larson

    New Conservatory Theater, San Francisco

    Direction and Choreography by Cindy Goldfield, Musical Direction by Ben Prince

    Looking forward to finally getting to work on this piece, which was originally scheduled for 2023, but was thwarted by the "grand deluge" of NYE 2022/23. Very happy to be back at NCTC, where I worked years ago doing THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MANICURIST, and lots of 42nd Street Moon shows.



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    June 2024


    by Edie Brickell and Steve Martin

    42nd Street Moon, San Francisco CA

    Directed by Cindy Goldfield, Musical Direction by Jake Gale

    Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina in the 1940's with falashbacks to 1923, BRIGHT STAR is inspired by the folk story of the Iron Mountain Baby.


    I am looking forward to directing this wonderful collaboratoin of Bluegrass music and the interlocking stories of this almost classic American folk "ballad" of a story.

    Our production will incorporate all the actors as musicians, and root in the present...looking back to tell the story of Alice and Billy and Jimmy Ray.

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    April 4th, 2024

    42nd Street Moon Fundraising Gala Show

    42nd Street Moon, San Francisco CA

    Directed by Cindy Goldfield, Musical Direction by Dave Dobrusky

    Once again, I will be directing the Gala Show for the 42nd Street Moon Fundraising Gala. 20+ performers.

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    February 2024


    Music and Lyrics by William Finn, book by William Finn and James Lapine

    42nd Street Moon, San Francisco

    Directed by Dennis Lickteig, Musical Direction by Dave Dobrusky, Choreography by Leslie Waggoner

    Such a great experience working with Dennis and the amazing cast of FALSETTOS. It's a heartbreaking and funny contemporary musical about family, relationships, Bar Mitzvahs, baseball and AIDS. Great, complicated music, with tight harmonies, and wonderfully intricate lyrics.

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    December 2023


    adaptation by Carey Perloff and Paul Walsh

    American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco

    Directed by C.Perloff/D. Lozano/P. Kup

    A.C.T.'s current production of A Christmas Carol played its final performance on December 24th, ending a 17 year run, and marking 18 years of Christmas seasons for me at ACT. It has been a remarkable experience to be with a show for that long... the hundreds of kids and MFA students that have gone through the show, the deep lasting friendships with the other "regulars", the mentorships, the feeling of coming home for the holidays. I am sad to see it go, but very grateful for all the wonderful memories and all the incredible people that I have gotten to work with during those 18 years. Pictured with me here is the inimitable Howard Swain, my compatriot for many, many of those years!

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    November 2023


    by Jerry Herman, Herone Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee

    42nd Street Moon, San Francisco

    Directed by Becky Potter, Musical Direction by Tim Fletcher

    What a thrill to get to play this icon of musical theatre ladies! This production was especially sweet to me because of the long-time association (but first time working together on a show in over 25 years) with Becky Potter, and because of the joy of knowing the two littlest Potter girls, to whom I like to fancy myslef their own nutty "Aunty Mame".


    VMedia-"...as soon as she enters for her first scene floating down a staircase, you know you're watching a classic diva. Incredibly charming."

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    February 2023


    by Ali Viterbi

    TheatreWorks, Palo Alto

    Directed by Michael Barakiva

    I had such a great experience working with this fabulous cast, the remarkable Michael Barakiva, and the always lovely, and fiercely intelligent Ali Viterbi. The show centers around the multi-generational, multi-cultural Levi-Katz faily as they celbrate Passover through several generations, as they wrestle with questions of race and religion that have yet to be resolved. The play is densely packed with old wounds, jealousy, laughter, relationships, old secrets and great love.

    I had a wonderful time working with Lusia Sermol, Michael Champion, Olivia Hoffman and Sarah Lo on this personally transformative piece.

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    December 2022


    adaptation by Carey Perloff and Paul Walsh

    American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco

    Directed by Peter Kuo

    Celebrated my 17th year performing with A Christmas Carol at ACT. It was a very tough year as it was the first Carol after the death of my dear friend and mentor, Ken Ruta. ACT hosted a huge memorial for him during the second week of our run, at which I sang, and my catering company provided food. The morning after the memorial, I got called in to go on for a role that I cover (in addtion to my regular track). I get a feeling that Ken was just keeping me on my toes. Here is a shot of that morning, with me filling in for Catherine Castellanos as The Ghost of Christmas Present. (Also shown: Emily Newsome, Amanda Le Nguyen, John Chukwudelunzu, and the back of Jimmy Carpenter!)


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    Summer 2022


    by James Goldman and Stephen Sondheim

    San Francisco Playhouse, San Francisco

    Directed by Bill English, Musical Direction by Dave Dobrusky, Choreography by Nicole Helfer

    Bucketlist show, unlocked! Felt very honored to get to sing "I'm Still Here" every night all summer long. Especially after having the show postponed by Covid for two years, getting to finally belt out thoselyrics was incredibly cathartic. Even having my first bout of Covid (along with more than a dozen of my cast/crew mates) and having our initial opening night postponed couldn't diminish the joy of getting to do that show, and get to work with all the lovely folks invovled for such a nice long run!


    Talkin Broadway/Patrick Thomas- "Goldfield, one of the Bay Area's greatest talents, does that rare thing: takes a song that's been done by some of Broadway's biggest stars (Carol Burnett, Elaine Page, Elaine Stritch, Christine Baranski and Betty Buckley) and gives us her own personal take on the tune."


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    Spring 2022



    American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco

    Directed by Pam Mackinnon

    What an incredible experience to be back at The Strand, getting to be a part of the reopening of the theatre after the lock-down, and such a joy to get to work with this amazing group of women: Stacy Ross, Lisa Ann Porter, Catherine Castellanos, Margo Gomez, Sarita Ocon, Jennifer Ikeda, and Leontyne Mbele-Mbong. Not to mention getting the opportunity to channel my best "fervent feminist theatrical passion."


    Talkin Broadway/Patrick Thomas- "Cindy Goldfield (as Emma) who does some of the best work here, especially in the final scene when she rehearses her part in a presentation the women are planning for a charity they support, and delivers her monologue accompanied by delightfully mannered physical movements that had the audience roaring with laughter.


    TheatreStorm- "Perhaps the best of the best is presented by Cindy Goldfield as Emma, whose rendition of a speech in the style of a Vaudeville elocutionist is madly funny, yet a total artistic success."


    Mercury News- "Radiant"


    photo by Kevin Berne

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    Actor. Director. Producer. Creative Cultivator. Performance, Speech and Authenticity Coach.Problem-solver.


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    Authentic. Heart-led.

    Verstile. Collaborative.

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    Director. Choreographer.

    Intentional. Collaborative. Intimate. Confident. Intuitive.

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    Producer. Creative.

    Detail Oriented. Expansive Thinking.

    Anything is Possible.

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    Voice Over.

    Live Talking Girl. Vox Populaire.

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    Audition and Performance Coaching

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    To be in a rehearsal hall with Cindy Goldfield is a true theatrical gift. She leads with love and compassion and always seems to be asking the question,"why are we here?" A master storyteller!

    ~ Michael Patrick Gaffney
















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    Living an Authentic, Aligned, Creative Life

    Small-town girl who has lived in the city for 30 years. Still cherish my small-town roots and work to create a home and community that feels small-town and intimate and welcoming. Feminist. Mother. Working for the good of humans and animals and the planet. Committed to equality, gender-equity, trans-rights, child-led learning and empowerment. Believer in good laughs, daily meditation, intuition and earth-based spirituality.

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    Here’s the thing. Some of us are managing to make art, create funny videos to keep ourselves and our friends and families amused and hopeful, eat well, get more exercise, clean out our closets and kitchen junk drawers, launch new programs, write the great American novel, improve ourselves, and...
    When I was in college, my best friend and I had a theory. We decided that girls are divided into two groups: Horse Girls and Barbie Girls. As an amusing but not-completely-false theory, it made sense to us. Horse Girls were kids who grew up outdoorsy and with a lot of responsibility and freedom...
    Great interview with Vicci Smith (SHE-Radio) at KKUP. She was interviewing me about my latest directing project, ONCE which was opening that night. But we got to talking about my work with Empowered Sexuality for Teens and Womxn, and we just kept talking for about 45 minutes! The interview...